As a speaker, Joshua is instrumental in taking events to the next level of success. I’ve attended many conferences where he was the speaker or MC and audiences love him. His style is clear and riveting, and you can tell he genuinely cares about delivering a message that resonates with, and authentically inspires, the attendees.

Steve Slaunwhite

Author, Copywriter & Speaker

Joshua is a spectacularly good speaker. He connects personally to each member of the audience, helps put the other speakers’ messages in context, and constantly reinforces the overall theme of the conference or convention.

Richard Armstrong

Freelance Copywriter, Richard Armstrong & Co.

Joshua’s enthusiasm is contagious. Hearing him speak was beyond inspiring. Every time he grabbed the mic the whole room (including me) was on the edge of our seats waiting to hear his next sentence.

Mike Crespo

Freelance Copywriter

I have been working with Joshua Boswell in a couple of his online and virtual programs, and have had the privilege of spending a day with him in a small group mastermind. I was even more impressed by him in person – if that is possible – than I already was by seeing him on the screen. He not only was totally prepared with exactly what we needed for the training, but he was creative, patient, and remarkably insightful during the hot seats.

Deborah Owen


Joshua Boswell is an excellent speaker. He has an engaging style and easily connects with his audience. His delivery of subject matter is done with a lot of thought and preparation, providing valuable information that is easily digestible for all participants. Anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to Joshua speak will be highly motivated to attend future events.

Sharon Jurist

Freelance Health Copywriter, Ithra Corporation

Joshua is a dynamic speaker, personal growth proponent and business marketing expert. He knows what drives people to act; and by his genuine concern for helping others, he’s able to draw out of people a level of performance far beyond what they imagined possible. His natural gift for understanding human nature, engaging communication and high energy is infectious, and challenges anyone skeptical about their own success to reach their potential in record time!

Jerry Bures

Institute for Confident Parenting

I’ve heard Joshua speak at a number of large-audience events. He’s engaging, and always provides a wealth of actionable information when he speaks. I enjoy his style, his real-world examples, and the fact that his information can be applied immediately.

Kevin Adam

Spiritual teacher and author

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Joshua emcee several conferences I’ve attended. He is a dynamic and motivating public speaker. His energy is off the charts and it’s only matched by the genuine desire and concern he has for you to take the steps you need to take to improve your life and career.

Christopher Markoch

Marketing Copywriter and Content Strategist

Joshua has a presence about him that encourages and motivates. His professionalism rings through with every subject he approaches.

Mike Gates

Marketing and Advertising Professional

Joshua has been an important influence in my life as a mentor. I’ve listened to him speak on many occasions and I have found him easy on the ears. He has a down to earth style that is entertaining, fun and easy to relate to. He is someone I always enjoy listening to and when I see he’s on the program, it’s an incentive to attend.

John Wiggill

Writer at Marjon Enterprises Inc

Joshua is one of the most gifted speakers and crowd pleasers I have ever seen. If you want to electrify your next event — or if you need to breathe life into your video presentations — Joshua is the man for you. Highly recommended!

Clayton Makepeace

President, ResponseInk

Wow. I just heard Joshua speak at a live event. I watched as he kept a large room spellbound for more than an hour. He’s got a gift. But more importantly, he’s taken his gift and added the salt of hard work and the seasoning of life… stirred it all together to create unique presentations that move and persuade that audience that day.

Sean P. McCool

Success Coach and Copywriter

Joshua emceed our Perry Marshall live event. He told great stories. He was engaging. He was sharp. He was easy to understand and follow. He has always been completely comfortable and at home in front of a room, and there’s no question that he can sell and close as well. We’ve enjoyed a terrific relationship with Joshua over the years and I know that will continue for years to come.

Bryan Todd

Perry Marshall & Associates

Joshua has two consistent qualities in everything he does: energy and integrity. You’ll notice the energy from the moment you meet him…. And it only takes a moment before you recognize the integrity — it’s there in everything Joshua does. Even if he’s meeting you for the very first time, he cares deeply for you and your well-being.

Roy Furr

Joshua is an excellent speaker, who motivates and inspires audiences to achieve their best. He knows how to connect with people because he truly cares, and that comes across in his delivery.

Gloria Grace Rand

Web to Wealth Marketing

I personally believe Joshua is one of the best things that could happen to your company. Not only is he smart, creative, and one heck of a copywriter, but he has a way of making you feel comfortable and confident in the results he’ll create for you…and that’s before he’s even started working with you! I sincerely and highly recommend Joshua for ANY, and I mean…ANY project your company has. And my advice??

…hire him before your competition does.

Henry L. Smith

Advanced Avionics Specialist and Inspirational Speaker

If you want a speaker who can present valuable content in a clear and concise way…with REAL passion and an AUTHENTIC voice…then look no further than Joshua Boswell. I’ve seen his presentations. I’ve heard him speak. He brings a rare and positive energy to every event. And I can’t recommend him enough for your next speaking engagement.

Rock Capuano

Founder at Fitness Life Network

I endorse Joshua with gusto! He’s an inspiring speaker – he really got our crowd of 100+ conference attendees motivated to build websites in our 4-day-long seminar. That’s not an easy task! You can tell Joshua practices what he preaches – he’s an all-around wonderful person and an asset to any organization. I highly recommend him for public speaking and emcee projects, to name a few!

Laura Rodini

Writer, Founder, CEO

Not only have I had the privilege to work with Joshua on several high-profile projects, but I’ve attended several conferences where he was the Emcee and/or Motivational Speaker. Joshua’s skills in captivating a group of professionals is second to none and I would highly recommend him for his outstanding ‘big-event’ speaking experience. He provides a rare form of articulation and spot-on humor that keep audiences fully engaged.

William Zoch

Founder and Owner -- Conversion Solutions Group

Joshua is a very articulate, engaging speaker with remarkable motivational skills!

Sally McCaughrin

Owner and Copywriter, The Content Splash

Joshua is someone I highly recommend. When I think of the many times I’ve heard him speak many great memories come to mind but here are a few specific words: Poised, engaging, confident, approachable, funny, knowledgeable, well regarded. If you’re thinking of hiring Joshua to speak or Emcee your next event, you won’t be sorry!

Drew Bischof

Founder & CEO, Hybrid Events Group

Joshua Boswell’s direct, enthusiastic, and inspiring speaking style has turned my business around. He has a way of analyzing unyielding obstacles, and feeding his conclusions to his audience through riveting anecdotes and analogies. His words have impact, and the impact has helped me to rewrite my story.

Cyndee Davis

Copywriter, O'Cavan Copywriters

Joshua is a gifted as a public speaker with a great oratory skill. With his skills he has converted prospects into lifetime clients or customers

Leslie Ademola LION

Senior Consultant, Quantum Leap Series International

Joshua is an excellent speaker, an outstanding mentor and a motivational force field. His service to hundreds of marketing professionals as emcee at the 2012 AWAI Boot Camp was truly inspiring.

Jonny H. Bahk-Halberg, Ph.D.

Sales & Marketing Communicator/Language Teacher & Evaluator

Joshua is a talented, high-energy speaker and emcee. He keeps the crowd enthused and motivates them to think positively and take action.

Bob Bly

Direct Response Copywriter

Joshua is an excellent speaker, emcee, presenter, and a well-organized marketer. Additionally, he helps mentor and advise individuals, businesses, as well as large organizations. Joshua is kind, caring, approachable, yet professional. When Joshua speaks, I listen (carefully)!

Joshua’s stage presence is engaging and powerful. He can “sell (or provide training) from the stage”.

Lee Miller

Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Joshua speak on several occasions, in front of both small and large audiences, as both an emcee and as a presenter.

I’m always impressed by his warm, lively delivery, his sincerity, and his knowledge. Joshua would be an exceptional choice for any organization wishing to engage an energetic, entertaining, speaker for their events.

Kammy Thurman


Joshua is a very engaging public speaker and emcee. He puts his heart into his presentation and is very knowledgeable. He keeps his audience interested and interactive. I would highly recommend Joshua for any of your speaking engagements.

Lydia Mills

SEO and Web Content Specialist

I really appreciated the enormous amount of high-value material, turbo-charged insights, and immediately useful information that you shared throughout the entire day! I want to thank you immensely for sharing everything you possibly could to instill confidence in my ability to succeed. You held nothing back and delivered the goods… your gut-wrenching personal setbacks… your elation-filled triumphs… time-saving templates and scripts… and real-world solutions to real-person dilemmas. I will be using what you gave us for a long time to come.

Rick Robinette

Josh Boswell has to be the most sincere speaker that I have ever heard.  Certainly, no one more sincere. When Josh says that his main goal with “The Dallas Experience” is about helping other people, not about putting money in his pocket, you can take that quite literally, he means it.

Daniel Ball

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