New Study Shows Shocking Reason Why Some Writers Fail, Even When Doing the “Right” Things…

Why Do Some Writers Win… While Others Struggle for Years…
Even Though they Do the EXACT Same Stuff?!

After 10 Years of Research, I’ve Uncovered a Little-Known “X-Factor” That’s Essential to Success as a Writer.

Hello Fellow Writer,

 Do you have the writer’s life of your dreams?

 Or are you not quite there yet?

 Are you frustrated with years of buying new programs, following gurus, and paying money to experts… and still not getting the results you want?

 It can be maddening…

 The reason you got into writing was to make money and enjoy a great lifestyle. Right?

 But, despite years of your best efforts… and thousands of dollars spent on the best programs and best seminars… you’re still no further ahead.

 In fact, you might actually be much, much further behind.

 Can you relate to this?

 I am one of those experts people have paid really good money to help them win.

And as a teacher and expert, nothing makes me happier than seeing my students succeed.

For example, recently I ran into one of my students – a gal named Faith.

I hadn’t heard from her in almost two years, so I asked her how things were going.

A huge grin spread over her face.

“I’m doing really great! I’ve got 3 clients I’m working for, and a fourth one just hired me on the spot. I’m doing virtual assistant work and writing a ton. I love it!”

I was excited and so very happy for her.

Another student approached me at an event and told me…

“Did you hear? In just the past 3 months, I’ve locked in over $154,000 in contracts!”

Man! As a mentor, that just makes you feel great inside! I felt so happy, knowing I’m part of his success.

I could tell you thousands of stories like this.


Sadly, I could tell you hundreds of other stories with super-sad endings.

The times when my students followed my advice… some of them to the letter… but got zero results.

I was at an event and was delighted to hear that one of my former students was earning a very prestigious industry award.

In the acceptance speech, she said,

“I did everything I was told to do. One year, I even made 400 phone calls. But nothing worked. I ended up frustrated and disappointed and with no clients at all.”

That hurt… because I was the one who told her to make those calls.

What was going on here?

How could she follow my plan exactly, do everything I asked, and not have success?

Especially when there were dozens of other writers all around her that took the same steps and got huge results.

How could this be?

Finding The X-Factor

Let me explain this mystery to you. It took me over 10 years to uncover it.

 It’s the “X-Factor” of success as a writer.

 It is totally overlooked by most experts.


 Because we live in a world of cause and effect… action and reaction, right?

 If you plant corn, do you get watermelon?

 No! That’s crazy!

 Plant corn, and corn is what grows.

 If you want watermelon, you have to plant watermelon seeds.

 You reap what you sow… Law of the Harvest… cause and effect… and all that stuff, right?


 It is real.

 And because of the law of cause and effect, just about every guru, expert, and teacher out there is confident making claims like this…

 “I went from nothing to success. If you take the same steps as me, you can have the same success, too!”

 It makes sense, doesn’t it?

 On the surface, it should work just like that.

 But, in reality, it doesn’t happen that way.

 At least it hasn’t with my students over the years. So many of them can do the same things and get wildly different results.

It’s A Puzzle Most Experts Can’t Figure Out

I remember in 2011, I was speaking at an event. There were half a dozen other major internet marketers and writing gurus there.

 Four of us were sitting in the green room, waiting for our turn to take the stage.

 I turned to one of them and said,

 “I’ve noticed that a bunch of my students and followers aren’t having the same results. They don’t get the success they want and it really bugs me.

 I’m doing all this so I can help people win. Some are… but some just can’t seem to make it work out. Have you seen that with your students?”

 He nodded.

 “Yeah. But Joshua, you can’t worry about those people. You and I can’t force these people to follow the steps. Some are just lazy and won’t do what they’re supposed to. Sometimes life just gets in the way.”

 Then, he shrugged.

 “I don’t know. I don’t worry about it anymore. It’s like a piece of the puzzle I can’t figure out. I think it’s just because they don’t really do the work.”

 When he said that to me… it made sense.

 Because there really are lazy people out there.

 There really are people who buy programs and never open them up, let alone put them to work.

 So, I accepted his answer…

Until I met Alexander.

Alexander’s Results Rocked My World

Alex was a student of mine.

 He was one of my best students, actually… I mean in terms of someone who was willing to do the work and follow the plan exactly.

He was devoted.

He was focused.

He was determined.

He did all the right stuff.

And after 18 months of working, he had ZERO to show for it.

Man, that really, really hurt.


I started wondering more and more about this. I dug deeper, trying to discover why some people get results… and why others don’t… even if they do the same things.

Was the Law of Cause and Effect broken?

Alexander’s Results Rocked My World

Alex was a student of mine.

 He was one of my best students, actually… I mean in terms of someone who was willing to do the work and follow the plan exactly.

He was devoted.

He was focused.

He was determined.

He did all the right stuff.

And after 18 months of working, he had ZERO to show for it.

Man, that really, really hurt.


I started wondering more and more about this. I dug deeper, trying to discover why some people get results… and why others don’t… even if they do the same things.

Was the Law of Cause and Effect broken?

“Aha!” A Consistent Pattern Shows Up

I studied the results of my students.

 And as I dug deeper, a really interesting pattern began to emerge…

 At this same time, I had the opportunity to work closely with Perry Marshall – widely known as the King of Google Adwords and entrepreneur trainer extraordinaire.

 He has a number of “how to” programs designed to help high-level entrepreneurs and business owners.

 I went deep into his results, and the results of his students.

 The pattern was there as well.

 After that, I began consulting with other experts and gurus.

 For example, I worked closely with Bob Proctor. Bob has been teaching personal development and success secrets for more than 40 years. He is featured on the blockbuster hit seminar, “The Secret”.

 As I worked with him, I dug deep into the results of his students.

 You guessed it… the SAME pattern.

 Here’s what I found…

The Mystery of the Missing 30

If 100 people buy a “how to” program, this is what happens, in terms of their results:

  • 20 of them apply it and get GREAT results.

  • 40 of them do just about nothing with it and get zero results

  • 10 of them do something and get minimal results

Okay… so far, so good.

Isn’t that just about what you’d expect?

So, now there are 30 people left… 

What happens to them?

This is where it gets really, really interesting…

These 30 apply the program.

They do the work.

Stick to the plan.

Try their best to listen to the guru.

In terms of the Law of the Harvest – they plant watermelon seeds and fully expect to get big, red, ripe, juicy watermelon.

But, instead, they get small, tough fruits… or, worse, nothing but barren earth.

30% are doing the work but getting little to no results.

And, as I said, this is not just with writers.

This pattern applies to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and personal development folks.

The pattern is everywhere.

You show me a “how to” program of any kind, and I’ll show you this same pattern.

It Made Me MAD. It Shouldn’t Be This Way! I MUST Change It. Dig Deeper…

Like I said, it really bothered me.

Imagine how many people out there are buying programs, products, services, and coaching… not to mention spending precious money and time going to events…

Full of hope. Full of expectations that they will win. Full of promises of a new life.

And at the end of the day they have little to show for it but more debt, more pain, and more frustration.

I think it is a huge tragedy. Don’t you?

It shouldn’t be that way.

I know that I can’t force people to succeed. So, the ones that won’t do anything… won’t do the work… or only do it half-baked… I guess they get what they deserve.

But, what about the others that try? That do the work? And are left with nothing?

I vowed that I was going to crack this code and figure out how to help the other 30% get results and enjoy a new life… one where they are living their dreams and having the success they want.

Clues of Success Among Millionaires and Billionaires

One of the first things I did was interview hyper-successful people.

I interviewed more than 40 millionaires and billionaires.

At first I asked questions like, “What did you do to create success?”

That usually led them to tell me about the steps they took.

But, that wasn’t the answer.

The steps were not a huge mystery. I could get step-by-step instructions on success from dozens of gurus and experts.

I was looking for something much deeper…

Because it was clear to me that there was more there. As we know, people can do the same steps, but get vastly different results.

“Tell Me About Your Life”

So, I changed things up and asked them this instead:

“Tell me about your life from the age of birth to 13… and then tell me about your life in high school… and then tell me about your life from college until today.”

And I just let them talk.

Now, THAT was interesting!

Boy, the stories I heard! Many of which I will never tell… they swore me to secrecy. 🙂

But as these hyper-successful people told their life stories, a new pattern emerged…

Something that should have been super-obvious to me… but for some reason, it wasn’t.

Once I share a few of these stories, you’ll begin to see it too.

How 2 Kids Beat Out the Local Detailing Shop

One of the people I interviewed was Garrett Gunderson. He told me a fascinating story:

“When I was a kid, I lived in Price, UT. I was a little Catholic kid living in the middle of a bunch of Mormons. It was crazy.

We were dirt poor. But, my dad, he was always really nice to people. He was friends with the guy who owned the bank.

One day, my brother and I had this idea to detail cars. My dad mentioned it to the bank owner and he said he’d hire us to do his car.

We went over there and did our very best. While I was shining up the car, I got to talking to the owner. We got to be friends.

A few days later, someone called up. They told me the bank owner loved our work and said I was great to work with. Could we detail his car, too?

From then on, several times a week, someone would call and say something similar. The crazy thing was that there was a really great detail shop in town. People would come to us – just kids – instead.”

That story stuck in my head.

How did a couple of kids win the trust of a bank president and beat out the local detail shop for business?

It’s hard to imagine that these two kids were doing better work or had better equipment for the job than the detailing shop. Yet, they won.

Something magical was going on here!

Here’s another really interesting story…

Rick’s Secret to Success

Rick Sapio grew up poor in a family with 8 or 9 kids in New Jersey. His dad was a sales guy… always doing deals… and he used to take Rick with him. Rick told me…

“I remember going with him on this one deal. I just sat there, mesmerized by my dad. He’d just barely met these guys, and they were eating out of his hands.

When we walked out of that meeting, my dad said to me, ‘You treat people right and they will bend over backwards to help you and buy from you.’ I never forgot that.

One way I’ve always tried to treat people right is by never, ever missing an appointment. If I make an appointment, I keep it. No matter what.

It shows people that they are important to me.”

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

A Billion-Dollar Hug

Here’s another example…

I had an opportunity to become good friends with Jon Butcher. Jon’s dad, Sam Butcher, was the founder of Precious Moments… you know, those super-cute porcelain figurines sold at gift shops.

I’ll never forget the first day I went to Jon’s house. Margie and I got out of the car and stood for a minute in the huge circular driveway.

The house was massive… a mix between Frank Lloyd Wright and modern art.

The front door of the house was not a door like you’d expect. Instead, it was a huge set of sliding glass doors standing at the top of a flight of about 5 enormous cut-stone steps.

As we stood there, the doors silently slid open. Then… larger than life, wearing captivating smiles, and brimming with energy that suddenly seemed to fill the whole entryway…. out stepped Jon and Missy Butcher.

They bounded down the steps, arms wide open.

“Welcome to our home! We are so honored that you came.”

And with that, Jon gave me a huge, warm hug, like we were long-lost best friends. Then he did the same for Margie, and Missy the same for me.

I can’t remember receiving a warmer, more loving, more genuine welcome from a total stranger.

There was something about the way this billionaire greeted me that gives a clue to his success…

The X-Factor Revealed… But Can Others Replicate It?

At this point, I was close to knowing what it was… this magical “X-Factor” that allowed for massive levels of success… but I still couldn’t quite put it into words.

I didn’t have it defined enough to teach it to others.

And that is really vital to understanding something, isn’t it? You have to be able to teach it to others and help them replicate it.

It’s kind of like cold fusion.

(I know… big topic-switch… but bear with me and you’ll see what I’m getting at.)

The Power of the Sun… In a Test Tube!

In 1991, there were these two scientists that claimed to have discovered cold fusion.

Now, this is a HUGE deal… because cold fusion can produce massive levels of energy without massive, dangerously destructive levels of heat… a safe, cheap, almost limitless energy source.

A New York Times article published on March 17, 1991 said the chemists “had captured the secret of the sun’s energy in a test tube at room temperature.”

So, these guys were claiming they had found the Holy Grail of energy production. Mind-blowing, right?

The Times article went on to describe how thousands of scientists around the world raced to duplicate the experiment… and failed.

That was a problem… no one could replicate the results.

Well, going back to my bear hug with Jon and Missy, that is how I felt.

During my interviews… and in moments like this with Jon and Missy… I’d discovered a major secret to success… the key to why one writer wins and another fails, even when taking the very same steps…

…but I had no idea how to teach it.

Then, something very simple, but very powerful happened to me…

I witnessed the same mysterious process that had stopped 30% of my hard-working students from winning… happen in real time, right in front of me.

“Checking Off the Boxes”

It started when Margie and I were on a date. (And, yes… being on a date with Margie is VERY powerful!!!  But that’s not the kind of power I’m talking about. 😉

We ran into some married friends of ours — I’ll call them Shawn and Katy — who are some of the nicest people in the world. We love this couple and really respect them.

Shawn gave me a big hug. He’s a big guy, so a big hug isn’t unusual… but this hug was big in a deeply emotional way. It shocked me.

It wasn’t the hug… it was the way he did it.

I felt…

Fear, bordering on terror.

Sadness, bordering on depression.

Pain, bordering on anguish.

I looked into his face and sensed the same stuff… even though he was smiling at me.

We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. But I said to Margie:

“Did you sense that something was wrong with Shawn and Katy? It was just… off. I don’t know.”

About a week later, we randomly ran into Katy’s mother.

“Have you guys talked to Shawn and Katy lately?” she asked us. There was worry and pain in her eyes.

There it was again. So much pain and sadness surrounding this couple. What was going on?

We decided it was time to have dinner with them and get to the bottom of things. Margie called Katy later that night and set up a time for us to go over.

We weren’t there for more than 10 minutes before Katy and Margie drove off to have a “girls talk”. With Shawn to myself, things got interesting real fast.

Shawn’s superficial smile crumbled as he admitted the truth.

“She is leaving me. Said she is done. Doesn’t want to have anything to do with the children, with me, with any of it.

“I can’t understand it,” he said between huge sobs. “I haven’t done anything different. For 15 years, I thought things were fine. And out of the blue she’s leaving. I love her so much. I can’t live without her. How can she leave?”

I was stunned.

No wonder there was so much pain in his eyes… so much sorrow in his hug the other day.

About an hour later, Margie and Katy got back. Then the four of us sat down…

“Katy,” I said, “Tell me what is going on. Shawn said he can’t think why you’re doing this. He’s doing what he’s always done.

What changed?”

Katy sighed.

“Yeah. He is doing what he’s always done,” she agreed.

“It’s just… well… it’s just that he’s not doing it the way he used to.

It all feels hollow and routine. He’s just going through the motions… checking off the boxes… but I don’t feel love anymore.

I can’t live like this. I’m done.”


My mind was racing.

Shawn was doing all the same things. Checking off the boxes. Doing the right stuff.

But not getting the results he should be getting in his marriage.

Katy went on:

“When we used to kiss, there was fire and passion in the kiss. Now it’s more like I’m kissing a wall.

I just don’t feel love from him anymore. And I need to feel that.”

Kissing a wall? Ouch! That’s about as opposite of fire and passion as you can get.

Is it a Kiss… or a KISS??!!

Now, don’t laugh… but for comparison, I got to thinking about my kisses with Margie.

If you’ve ever kissed anyone, you know that there’s a kiss… and then there’s a KISS!!!!

I remember sitting with Margie’s sisters and nieces, watching our wedding video.

Just before we got married, we hired a video guy to combine some pictures of us as before we met… then some pictures of us together… and then do some current video footage… and combine it all into a cool video production.

In one of the scenes, Margie and I walk through the woods and come to a tree. She leans against the tree… and I approach her, both of us grinning ear-to-ear…

Then I lean in and kiss her. I mean a serious KISS.

The video guy got the whole thing. It was great.

Margie and I were wildly in love and super-passionate about each other. (41… still are!) You could feel the fireworks and flames shooting through the VHS tape.

Margie’s little sister, Lisa, jumped up.

“Wow!!! Hold on there! No one told me this was a PG-13 flick,” she exclaimed. “That’s a little much for the kiddos.” And she reached over to cover the eyes of one of her nieces.

(Hey – I told you it was a KISS!!!!)

Are You Living Life… or LIVING LIFE?

During that reflection, I realized that all of life can be broken down this way.

At its most basic level, a kiss is simply pressing two sets of lips together.

But, that’s not really what a kiss is.

There are a zillion ways to give and receive a kiss.

A kiss can send you shooting to the moon like a rocket… or freeze you cold as ice, putting you emotionally six feet under.

It’s not the kiss that counts… it’s how you do it.

Read that again…

It’s not the kiss that counts… it’s how you do it.

Right Stuff… Wrong Way

As sad as that conversation was with Katy and Shawn… in it, I realized that I’d discovered the missing ingredient to success.

I suddenly knew WHY those 30%… remember, the ones that were doing the right steps, but not getting the results… were failing to have success.

They were doing all the right stuff, but in the wrong way.

Like giving a little peck on the cheek when a sweeping, passionate kiss was in order… or the other way around.

This moment sparked me to do a deep dive into the science of human behavior.

What Attracts People to You?
What Repels Them?

How do we read each other?

How do two human beings each sense the feelings, emotions, and desires of the other?

What actions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions cause people to want to be around you… listen to you.. follow your lead… and buy from you?

And what actions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions repel people from you… make them stop listening… and turn away from you?

Yes, you can make 400 calls… but if you do it in a way that repels clients, then naturally, you will get zero results.

Yes, you can buy a top-of-the-line, super-expensive program from Perry Marshall or Bob Proctor… and do all the steps and check off all the right boxes…

But if you do it in the wrong way, you can expect nothing.

You see, there is a MAJOR “X-Factor” that is missing from just about every how-to program in the world.

Now, I truly believe these programs are vital.

Yes, you need the steps for success. Yes, you need to know the logistical details.

But, what is missing is the “how to go about it” portion….  I’m talking about the emotional stuff… the thoughts and feelings and body language you generate to attract or repel people.

This is the “X-Factor” I’ve been talking about.

It’s a master key that can unlock that last door jammed between you and the blissful writer’s life of your dreams faster than anything I’ve ever found.

In my interviews with hyper-successful people… during thousands of coaching sessions… and in working with hundreds of companies…

I’ve discovered that this “X-Factor” really is central to all success.


Because it is the core element in influence.

Think about this…

Can you have success without persuading other people?

No! You need other people to win.

They need to support you, follow your lead, buy from you, buy into your vision, and so forth…

You won’t have much success sitting all by yourself in a dark room with no one buying from you, right?

Of course not.

So, while the logistical steps to success are important, it is clear that HOW you actually go about implementing those steps is just as important…

Actually, I have come to believe it’s MORE important.

Sure He Gets Results… But Do We Like Him?

I read a study by the American Psychological Association.

They studied the careers of 28,000 people.

They wanted to know what key factors contributed to success, climbing the corporate ladder, and making a high income.

They looked at two major factors:

Skill and likeability.

Who do you think gets ahead faster: the person who is awesome at her job, nailing all the deadlines and projections and revenue targets… or the person that other people love to be around? 

I’ll get to the APA study results in a minute…

Myth: Results are All that Matters

First, let me talk about a Facebook post I read the other day, directed to CEOs. It posed this question:

“As a CEO, what do you look for when hiring a consultant or giving a promotion?”

I was really interested in one of the first replies. This guy – a consultant, not a CEO – said:

“RESULTS. Results are all that matters. That is why people hire me. I get them results.”

I had to smile. I remember saying those exact words a few years ago during a speech. I was telling writers why clients would hire them, and I said:

“You have to get them results. Nothing else matters.”

Ha ha ha. Funny how we end up eating crow sometimes in life.

Because I was only half-right.

Of course results are super-duper important…

But, as those 30% of the buyers of “how to” programs will tell you… doing all the right stuff sometimes isn’t enough…

There’s more to the equation.

$20 million+ Couldn’t Buy Security

Consider my good friend. I’ll call him Marvin.

Marvin is a really, really smart guy. He has multiple masters degrees, including one from Harvard. And he is immensely effective at what he does.

Recently, he was with a major, international insurance firm. Each year, for several years in a row, he measurably saved this company more than $20 million.

That’s a serious benefit statement, don’t you think?

Knowing this, I was surprised to hear recently that Marvin was laid off. Fired. Pink slip. Escorted out of the building.


How could a guy delivering years of results get fired?


This is where we come back to the findings of the APA study on career paths.

What was the winner? Skill or likability?

The answer is… likability.

Marvin is a great guy. But he sees the world through the lens of “me against them”.

After years of friction with the CEO and other executives in the company, they just couldn’t stand being around Marvin… not even for $20 million in savings a year.

So, Marvin was fired… and his job was handed over to someone who was great to work with, even though he might only save the company $5 million a year.

This is what the APA study showed. People that are semi-qualified, but highly likable almost always get a promotion before someone that is highly qualified and only semi-likable.

Of course, it shouldn’t be that way… but, as they say in hill country, thems are the facts.

Now, we can complain and fuss and whine about it, saying that it’s not fair. The prize should go to the most qualified, not the guy that schmoozes up to the boss!


Yes, that’s what should happen, I suppose. But we live in the real world… and to the likable victor go the spoils.

So, have you guessed it yet?

This “X-Factor” I’ve been going on about?

This magical master key that opens people up and compels them to work with you above all other writers?

I can tell you in one word…


Charisma is the mystical quality that makes people like you.

When you have charisma, people want to be around you… want to listen to you… and want to follow your lead.

Can You Teach Charisma?

I had a conversation with the CEO of a major corporation the other day, and we were talking about this topic. She was fascinated… and, truth be told, a little skeptical.

“You’re teaching people about charisma? Really? You can teach that? I thought people were just born with that, or not.”

I laughed and replied that most people think about charisma that way… if they think about it at all.

Especially people that are task-oriented… like doctors and architects and accountants and writers… and all the science college professors running around universities from here to Hong Kong.

Facts, stats, results. That’s all they think matters.

But, they don’t consider the reality… which is, almost no one lives like that. We spend our time with people we like, people we feel drawn toward.

I asked the CEO:

“Would you hire a writer you can’t stand being around, and who grates on you every day?”

She answered immediately.

“No! Of course not! Life’s too short for that kind of junk.”

“Right. We all feel that way,” I told her. “So, yes, you can teach charisma. You just have to understand how it works.”

She was amazed. I could hear it in her voice.

The thought that charisma was a skill… not a personality trait or characteristic… was a new idea for her.

And I’ll admit… when I first realized charisma was the missing factor holding people back from success, I rejected the idea.

I had all the same misconceptions most people do.

Charisma is a “soft” skill… an inborn characteristic. Charisma is elusive… it’s not measurable… and so on…

But, then I began to study the psychology and neuroscience behind human influence and attraction.

And what I discovered changed my world forever…

Bacteria Reveal the Secret to Success

My view really started changing one night when I had dinner with Perry Marshall.

Perry had just released his book, “Evolution 2.0”, and the curry we were eating at the little Thai restaurant must have inspired him. He said to me —

“You know something, Joshua? That soup has bacteria in it. And some of it will survive the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and make it into your bloodstream.”

Wow. Pleasant dinner conversation, I thought.

“Umm, okay,” I said. “What are you getting at?”

“Well, as soon as the bacteria gets into your bloodstream,” he went on, “it will begin talking to all the other cells in your body. It’ll start scouting out other bacteria.

“Did you know that bacteria and other cells talk to each other? Crazy, but true.

“They have these little micro-chemical signals on the outside of the cell wall. The signaling process identifies what kind of bacteria they are… and allows them to talk to other cells.”

“Okay,” I said, and took a bite of rice and curry.

“In other words,” Perry continued, “they are running around your system right now. If they find someone that is sorta like them… not exactly, but close enough… they will change up their DNA, in real time — instantly — to be able to reproduce with the rest of the bacteria in your body.”

Instantly change their DNA to reproduce? This was getting a little bizarre. Where was Perry going with this?

Slurp. I took another bite. “Umm. Okay.”

“It is called ‘Quorum Sensing’. Those clever little bacteria are trying to see if they can get enough of them together… or make enough… to overtake your body. Like the Borg on Star Trek, destroying you from the inside.”

“Well, that’s a cheery thought,” I said.

“Yeah – isn’t it fascinating? These little bacteria instantly sense every cell inside your body and react accordingly.”

Suddenly a light flickered on.

Perry was talking about the science behind evolution. He was thinking about how cells can mutate and change at will… and how it can happen instantly… not over hundreds or thousands or millions of years.

But, I was thinking about something totally different…

Our Power to “Sense” Who Other People REALLY Are

As human beings, if each cell in our body has the ability to do this “quorum sensing” thing… then it makes sense that we, as a whole organism, have the same ability.

In other words, every time you come in contact with another human being, you instantly begin reading him or her… the way those bacteria are reading the other cells in your body.

In the realm of bacteria, they are looking for friends… other cells that can join their merry band to give you a runny nose or cough… while trying to avoid foes like those mean macrophage white blood cells that will gobble them up for breakfast to protect you.

But, in the human realm… aren’t we trying to sense the same thing?

Aren’t we trying to determine friend from foe… and figure out who will help us fulfill our mission statement?


Psychologists now know that all human beings have two super powerful instincts inside of them… two forces that are constantly driving us.

These forces are called:

Prime Directives


Prime Aspirations

We cannot ignore the prime directives. Our subconscious will force us to pay attention to these.

The #1 Prime Directive is this:

Stay Safe.

Meaning, be at 98.6 Fahrenheit and breathing.

Our bodies will push us to eat, breathe for us automatically (and take over if we try to hold our breath for more than about a minute), sleep, drink, and excrete.

Your system demands that you stay alive.

Then You Have Some Prime Aspirations:

These are things you don’t HAVE to do… but that your subconscious will push and push and PUSH you to get done. 

You’ll be able to better understand these forces through my personal story…

My Personal Prime Aspiration…

At the age of 9 my parents went through an ugly divorce. It was not pleasant for any of us.

After a year, they decided to kiss and make up. They remarried each other, and my daddy came home.

That lasted about a year before old wounds festered… and my parents dragged us all through another rough and brutal divorce.

My daddy left when I was 11 years old, and I didn’t see him again for almost 11 years. For 5 of those years, I had no idea if he was alive or dead.

He was just gone.

When I was 19 years old, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

A vivid picture came into my mind.

It was a picture of seeing my daddy walk away from our family. I remember the exact spot I was standing when, as a small boy, I saw him for the last time.

Seeing that picture in my mind created a chain reaction.

A bunch of other scenes raced through my mind…

Winning my first football game…

My first kiss…

Sneaking out of the house and stealing my sister’s car for a joy ride when I was 14… (Shhh, don’t tell my mom or my sister!)

Reaching the summit of Mt. Timpanogos and feeling the thrill of standing on a 12,374-foot mountain on a clear day, with the world spread out below me…

And thousands of other moments in my life.

All of these pictures had one common element.

My daddy was missing.

My daddy should have been there with me (well, maybe not when I stole the car)… but he wasn’t.

Seeing that… him missing from those scenes in my life… caused a massive hunger to swell in my heart.

More than anything, I wanted to give my future children that thing I never had.

I wanted them to have a Daddy.

A daddy that would be there for them during the boring and exciting times of life… and who would love and support them through all of it.

I turned to my buddy and said —

“When I grow up, I’m going to be the best husband and daddy in the whole world. I’m going to work from home, make a ton of money, and spend tons of time with my family.”

You see what was happening? My Prime Aspiration system was kicking in.

Your #1 Prime Aspiration is this:


You have an intense need to grow…

To become better and learn new things…

To become a hero to someone and be part of something bigger than yourself. 

Because of these two things… your Prime Directive to stay safe and your Prime Aspiration to grow…

…every time you meet someone, your subconscious begins “sensing” them and trying to find an answer to these two questions:

  1. Is this person safe?
  2. Will this person help me grow?

If you fail to answer “yes”, to both of these questions, you will feel in your gut a desire to get away from this person.

And if another person is “sensing” you and not getting a “yes” to both questions… they will pull away from you.

Of course, there are varying degrees of these feelings. A person brandishing a knife will cause you to want to run fast… while a person brandishing bad breath will simply cause you to politely back away a few steps.

But either way, that gut-feeling of “no” can put distance between you and the people you want to attract.

Cracking the Charisma Code

Once I learned this about core human motivation and psychology, I wondered…

Is it possible to learn and then master the signals… these codes used by humans to attract or repel other humans?

So, I dug in even deeper, and I learned a few other really interesting things…

Harvard and Yale did independent studies that showed the same results.

They showed new students a picture of someone and let them study it for 45 seconds… then they asked the students to identify character traits of the person.

Shockingly, despite the brief time frame they were given, the students were right more than 80% of the time.

45 seconds and their gut feelings told them all they needed to know about the person in the picture.

A similar study was done where they showed a 30-second clip of a teacher teaching. The students were then asked to rate the teacher’s strengths, weaknesses, popularity, and teaching style, among other things.

Then, the researchers asked the same questions about the same teacher… only this time they asked students who had actually been in their class for a full semester.

They wanted to see if instant gut feelings came as close to calculated assessments after getting to know the teacher.

Again, the results were shocking…

The responses only differed by about 7%. The gut reaction was right 93% of the time.

How is that possible?

We Sense Fake and Reject It

Here’s what is going on…

I know someone that I love, but make no small effort to avoid. I’ll call him Edgar.

I know, that sounds rude, but hear me out… and remember that I said I love Edgar. 🙂

Every time I’m with Edgar, he gives me a big smile, a big hug, and asks something nice about me.

Seems cool enough so far, right?

Then, as soon as I start answering Edgar’s question, his eyes glaze over. The smile is still there, but a million facial features… his breathing, his body stance, the offbeat way he nods his head… all of it combines to send one single message:

“I’m not listening. I don’t care. You are boring me. I can’t wait to get in my next comment and tell you more about me.”

The smile, the hug, the question … it is all fake. He does it because he’s supposed to, out of social graces… but deep inside he doesn’t feel it.

And, I can feel that.

It’s called Micro-Expression Sensing.

We all do it. We MUST do it to stay safe and grow.

Our subconscious mind does it automatically every time we meet another human being.

Edgar’s subconscious mind – for whatever reason – has been programed to be selfish, stressed, and insincere.

I don’t suppose that he is trying to be like this… it’s just the way he has allowed life to mold him.

And, at some point, he took a people skills class or something that told him he should smile and shake hands and hug and ask nice questions. So, he makes the outward gestures, but the subconscious mind is running on a different program.

The Mind as a Database

Imagine your mind for a second.

And remember — your mind is not your brain… it is a combination of your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

A study done by Stanford University showed that 95% of the decisions you make each day are processed through your subconscious mind. You act on these decisions long before they ever hit your conscious mind.

Think about that for a minute…

Have you ever driven to work… totally on autopilot? You arrived there safely, but you have no memory of what exactly happened. You were driving, but your mind was thinking of something else.

Your subconscious mind takes any task you do repeatedly and automates it, freeing up your conscious mind for other tasks.

From before you were born, you begin creating a database of what would keep you safe and help you to grow.

You created a database with trillions of data points… and your subconscious mind automated the process of identifying and responding to this data to ensure that you’d stay alive and grow.

Since the biggest part of staying safe and growing is dealing with other human beings, we all become intensely concerned with reading people.

But, here’s the thing…

In order to look at someone for 30 seconds and determine if he or she is safe and will help us grow, you have to process millions of data points.

  • Clothing – including fabric type, colors, patterns, style.
  • Breathing – speed and depth
  • Heart Rate and Temperature
  • Body posture
  • Eye – muscle tension, light reflection intensity, moisture
  • And on and on…

The massive number of calculations being made are incredible.

Impossible to Fake… Easy to Detect

And, because of the complexity of all this, it is very, very hard to fake.

In fact, research shows that to fake these expressions, you actually have to enter that emotional state… you have to become that person and have those feelings before you can send the right signals.

Isn’t this why we LOVE great actors?

We know they are acting… but, it just seems so real!

We all know – at a core level – that transmitting these kinds of emotions, feelings, behaviors, and micro-expressions when acting is really, really hard.

But, there is something very interesting that actors show us…

Learning to send the right signals is possible.

That is really exciting, powerful news… because it means that you and I can learn the mystical art of charisma.

And as I said, charisma is the power to get people to like you, want to be around you, want to listen to you, and want to follow your lead.

How do you do that?

It turns out to be a relatively simple formula.

How to Send the Charisma Code

When the subconscious is analyzing and doing its Micro-Expression Sensing thing, it is sorting for just three things:

This is what I call The Charisma Code.

It is a set of signals, voice tones, words, body language, and energy levels that tell other people that you are safe and capable of helping them grow.

And, of course, the signals are proportional.

If you are moderately safe and moderately able to help them grow, they will be moderately interested in being around you, listening to you, and following you.

If you are perceived as extremely safe and super-charged with power to help them grow, then they will be extremely likely to want to be around you, listen to you, and follow you.

How Charisma Affects Your Purpose in Life

I want you to think for a minute about your purpose in life…

Why are you here?

What big dreams do you have?

What business victories are you fighting for?

What family joys do you know are possible to experience?

What adventures are calling to you?

All of these demand that you inspire other people to be around you, listen to you, and follow you. This is how you will win, become wealthy, obtain power, be safe, and grow in every area of your life.

In short, charisma is the master key to all of your success… in addition to the other skills, abilities, and credentials you need.

Charisma is the spark that switches it all on and makes it all fly.

Charisma is at the very center of influence. It is a must-have for success.

And, as I said, it is remarkably simple to send the Charisma Code.

It consists of three major elements.

Here’s the first one…

For the Good of Others

Margie and I went on a cruise. Just the two of us.

(Crazy, right?! It was a blast.)

Each night we shared dinner with a really nice couple, Mike and Candy.

They had just been married a few days before and were on their honeymoon.

On the second night, Candy said to me,

“What is it about you guys? We got done with dinner last night and – you have no idea – we just talked about you all night.

We just feel like you’re so sincere. We felt so safe with you guys. We wanted to tell you our whole life story. I think we practically did last night!”

Margie and I laughed.

What they were feeling was the first element of charisma…


Benevolence is the first element in the Charisma Code.

Benevolence is the desire to act for the benefit of others’ good.

When you feel benevolence toward others, they feel safe. They feel like you have their best interests at heart.

Think of this…

The people in your life that are the most interested in you and most interested in helping you win are the people that you love the most. It might be a spouse, a real mentor, a teacher, or a family member.

We feel the most love for those that are most interested in us.

That is benevolence. It is a powerful force for drawing people to you.

And, it can be taught and mastered.

I Know You Can Get the Job… But Can You Do the Job?

The second element in the Charisma Code is this…

When I was doing interviews with the millionaires and billionaires, I always noticed a common quality that they all wore. It hung about them and showed up in a thousand different little ways.

For example, when I interviewed Mark Ford, I knew for sure that here was a man that, if he wanted to, could set me up for life financially.

Not by giving me money… but by making connections and recommendations… and giving me insights into life, business, and wealth.

I had heard stories of how he’d done just that for dozens of other people and totally changed their lives.

What I was sensing from him – and from all the other hyper-successful people I interviewed – was…


Power is the second element in the Charisma Code.

By my definition, power is the ability to effect measurable change.

We tend to gravitate towards people that have the power to effect change in our life, right?

Think about it…

Why do you search for certain employers, mentors, or lovers?

Because you believe they can make a positive difference in your life… a difference that you can measure.

Now, to be sure, this measurable change can be positive or negative.

Notice that power without benevolence creates terror in us.

Dictators and tyrants all have power, but benevolence? I think not!

Thus, the Charisma Code looks like this so far:

  1. Benevolence – kindness and selflessness, seeking for your best interest

  2. Power – the ability to create measurable change

And we come to the final element that makes it all possible…

How Margie Won My Heart 🙂

When I was in the hunt to find a wife, I dated a lot of girls.

I remember one girl I dated…

She was very, very nice. She loved God and children – two really important characteristics I was looking for in a wife.

But when I was around her, I didn’t feel – to use Mrs. Rabbit’s words from Bambi – “twitterpated”.

I thought, “This is a really nice gal… but I don’t feel the fire in my bones for her.”

I was concerned that I was making too much of a big deal about this. Would I learn to love her?

I called a former teacher of mine to get her advice. She had been married for 3 years and was clearly an expert compared to me! LOL

I told her my dilemma. She thought for a minute and said,

“Joshua, you can’t underestimate how vital that spark, that attraction is. Hold out until you find someone with all those great qualities…. AND that makes your blood burn and your hair light on fire.”

I took her advice.

When I met Margie, I knew it was good advice – because Margie was the total package… and then some!

Do you know what made the difference?

Both of these gals were benevolent. Super kind.

Both were powerful. Accomplished, successful, intelligent.

But, when I met Margie I felt that I was the only person in the world.

Not only did she have kindness and power, but I knew she was willing to put all that wonderfulness to work for me personally.

When Margie and I spoke, the rest of the world melted away. World War III could have been going on all around us, and she wouldn’t have cared. Her total focus was on me.

I never felt that from the other gal.

There is an old play called, “The Slipper and the Rose”. And in that play there is a song. Part of the lyrics go like this:

“Just you and me in our own private monarchy”

That is how I felt with Margie.

She has been the Queen of my universe ever since!

So, the last element of the Charisma Code is…


Every human being only has 24 hours.

Time is insanely precious. Even if we don’t treat time precisely, we all know how valuable it is.

And when another human being not only gives us their time but their total focus and attention, we love it… and love them.

So, the combination of these three elements:

  1. Benevolence

  2. Power

  3. Presence

Makes up the Charisma Code.

And… You Are Doing It Right Now.

I have no doubt that you are already effective at sending these three Charisma Code signals.  

Some people are born with the ability to send some or all of these signals.

Some people learn them growing up and are unconsciously competent… meaning they just seem to do them naturally, but have no idea that they are doing them.

Very, very few people realize that there is a method, a science behind learning and mastering the use of the Charisma Code.

By now I hope it is crystal-clear to you that if you want more success, more money, more influence in life, you must have more charisma.

You can gain all the skill and ability in the world… but without charisma to fuel it, your rocket ship will just sit on the launch pad… inert and unmoving.

What would your life be like with more charisma?

Think about your current goals and objectives.

Is there someone out there that could make a referral, open a door, invest in your ideas, approve your project, or create an opportunity for you… and make your dream and purpose come together faster, easier, and better?

Yes! Of course there is.

Charisma Is the Master Key to Every Door of Success

Now – listen to this carefully. It is something that you already know to be true, but it needs to be said plainly and directly…

If you had the right level of charisma, you could instantly and easily access that person.

And, with that access, everything could change in your life.

What do all great success stories have in common? All great business victories? All great families?

The common thread is the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Today, I want to invite you to go on a journey with me.

It is a journey to unlock the mysteries of the Charisma Code.

It is a journey to identify your purpose, your goals, and the right people that need to be in your life to achieve those objectives… then to master the charisma needed to get them to want to be around you, listen to you, and follow you.

It is possible… and I will help you do it.

The journey is very simple. It will involve:

  • 30 Serious Players – I will work closely and personally with no more than 30 people. (My way of reclaiming the missing 30%!!)

  • 12 Weeks – We will work together over the course of 12 weeks.

  • 2 Day Live Event – At the end of the 12 weeks, we will gather together for a 2-day live event.

This live event is vital. It will allow us to be face-to-face. We will read each other and practice the Charisma Code in a safe, aware environment.

Throughout this process, I will use “deep learning” techniques.

This is a unique teaching style that allows the greatest musicians and athletes and actors and speakers in the world to rapidly master new skills and techniques.

  • 2 Training Videos Per Week – You will get 2 videos each week. Each video will have a simple, focused exercise that you can immediately use to gain more charisma.

Each is designed to fit into the normal routine or your life and be minimally intrusive.

  • Weekly Live Group Training – Each week, once a week, we will gather together for a live group training session. This will include Q&A sessions. It will include review and practice of the skills you are learning.

This is part of the “deep learning” system.

All sessions will be recorded and transcribed. You will have access to them via a private membership site.

You’ll be amazed at fast you learn, and then master each of these skills.

It will be hard work. But also a great joy.

Within days, you will begin to notice a difference in the way people treat you, spend time with you, listen to you, and follow your lead.

It is one of the things that I love about the Charisma Code…

Instant Results that Grow Stronger Over Time

We read people every 17 milliseconds, and respond by changing our behavior and the signals we send. These changes are instantly decoded by others, and they respond accordingly, giving you instant results.

I have been working is a number of executives, business owners, and individuals, teaching them this system.

Currently, my fee for private coaching is $60,000 a year… usually paid as a monthly retainer of $5,000.

I have a coaching group that I have been teaching about writing skills and business development that is $12,000 annually.

These are large investments, with high ROIs.

For example, one of my clients, whom I’ll call Roger, worked with me for 3 months. He was preparing for a major presentation. He needed to influence a group of people to close a deal worth over $1.2 million.

To be honest, he didn’t hit his goal. He did close the deal… but at just under $1 million. That was just fine, however, because he had over-planned and really only needed $750,000.

So, in the end it was a major victory for him.

Another client – I’ll call her Susan – had 45 days to prepare for a presentation with a small group of potential clients.

Again, stakes were high. This meeting was potentially worth well over $3.5 million.

This time, the event was a major success… and more than $4 million will come to Susan over a 2-year period of time.

You might remember the student I mentioned earlier… the one who landed $154,000 in contracts in a short 3-month period of time. It wasn’t millions, but definitely enough to fulfill his dreams… and far more than he invested in my training.

My question to you is this…

What Will More Charisma Mean to You?

The kind of targeted, specific charisma that allows you to nail your objectives and live a life filled with things that matter most to you.

If you landed just one client… advanced one critical project… or landed even one high-end retainer project… wouldn’t it be worth it?

And remember, charisma is a thing that affects every aspect of your life.

Everything improves when key people in your life want to be around you, want to listen to you, and want to follow your lead.

Business, pleasure, relationships, health… success in all areas  improves when you have more charisma.

A Select Opportunity to Join My Pilot Program

The investment for this program is set at $10,000.

But, I have a proposal for you…

This is the first time I have offered this level of training publicly.

It has worked wonderfully well for my high-end private clients… but I need to verify that it will work for everyone, at all levels.

In other words, I need a pilot group to test things, work out the bugs, refine the system, and give me honest feedback.

If you are willing to accept that mission, I will give you a 50% discount and bring your investment down to $5,000 for the entire program.

3 Gifts to Boost Your Results

Plus, I will give you three additional resources:

First, 3 Private Coaching Calls.

Each call will be 15 minutes. I charge my executive clients $550 for these sessions, making this a $1,650 gift.

During this call, we will discuss your goals, your progress, and refine your application of the Charisma Code to get faster results.  

Second, Lifetime Access to the Charisma Code Library

Based on our pilot program, I will make changes. Each year, as I teach more people, I will improve the program, as well.

You will get unlimited access to every update. Others will pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for access to this library.

Over a 3-year period, averaging $7,500 each year, this is a $22,500 gift to you.

Finally, Alumni VIP Status and Access

Each time I run a Charisma Code live event, you are invited to return as my VIP guest.  You will simply pay a nominal $150 material charge for the 2 days.

You will get the full benefit of hot seat sessions, personal feedback and coaching from me and my team, and the opportunity to video record a role play of a critical interaction – a deal negotiation, sales pitch, or presentation – and have it critiqued to improve your charisma.

My 2-day live events are $10,000. If you attend 2 events, this is a $20,000 gift.

All told, I’m giving you $44,150 in value for your $5,000 investment.

Essentially, for being willing to join me on this test pilot program, I’m giving you a level of interaction and training very similar to what I provide my CEO and executive clients.

If needed, I will allow you to make 3 payments of $1,670.

Two Primary Focuses

The Charisma Code system focuses on two things:

First, you will take immediate action and see immediate results.

What can you do, today, right now, to increase your charisma and boost your influence?

I give you exact actions, dress standards, body language, voice cues, etc., that you can begin to implement right now.

Plus, we address different circumstances and settings:

Group presentations, keynote speeches, networking and social events, working with employees and business partners, personal relationships and romance, and so forth.

In other words, we systematically apply charisma to key areas of your life.

But, unlike most systems on influence, we don’t stop there.

Second, I give you the psychology, neuroscience, and scientific research behind all of this.

You are going to discover in-depth details on how you work, and how you generate and send charisma signals.

Plus, you’ll learn how to read, decode and proactively engage others based on their signals.

Let’s Begin the Journey Today… Apply Now!

To join me on this journey, you begin by completing a short application form and making a small deposit of $500.

I will review the application and let you know if you’re approved. If so, the rest of your initial payment will be automatically billed ($4,500 if you choose to pay in full… $1,170 if you choose the 3-payment option).

We will begin immediately.

The first step is for us to have an initial discovery session together.

My Executive Assistant, Bridgett Harder, will book a 30-minute session so that you and I can visit privately about your goals and objectives.

From there, you will begin receiving the training videos, get access to the membership area, and receive a schedule of the weekly live calls.

Give it some thought.

A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

Adding the Charisma Code in your life will improve every area of your life… because it will improve the way you influence people.

Other people – including people of prominence, power, and position – will feel a greater desire to be around you, listen to you, and follow your lead.

What obstacles stand between you and total success in your life?

Who can help you remove those obstacles if you could just influence them to help you?

The Charisma Code live training can give you the skills, knowledge, and ability to influence them to help you.

That is exactly what it did for one of my former students.

Charisma Opens Locked Doors – A Special VIP Pass

Jake was a young, ambitious guy… who was miserable because he was selling children’s books door to door and trying to push insurance plans on his friends.

Not that either of those things are bad… they were just not Jake’s idea of the perfect lifestyle.

What he really dreamed of was being a successful freelance writer.

To make that happen, Jake needed one person at a major financial newsletter publishing company to say “yes” to him.

Just one person saying yes could open the door that could change everything about his life.

It took him a number of tries, but with skills, persistence, and a huge spark of charisma, Jake got his yes.

What is interesting is that the company he was pursuing claimed that they don’t hire freelance writers.

But, those kinds of rules are meaningless and crumble when faced with charisma.


Because we love doing special things for people that we really like and respect, right?

We all cheerfully make exceptions for special people in our lives.

So, Jake was hired as a freelance writer and made close to $150,000 his first year. His second year, he decided to live in Europe for a time and travel around, increasing his income as he went.

This might not seem like huge money to you, but it was a great start in life for a kid in his mid-twenties.

Charisma Helps Everyone… From Business Tycoons to College Kids

From large multi-million dollar deals to smaller six-figure deals laced with freedom and flexibility, my students have taken charisma and influence and used it to hit their objectives and fulfill their dreams.

I think it is your day… and your time to do the same.

I have one more gift for you to show you that I’m 100% committed to you…

A 6-month complimentary subscription to Influence – my Members Only community.

Each week you’ll receive one additional training video, a monthly group call, and access to a powerful community of people like you, committed to increasing their influence so they can change the world.

This gives you 3 full months of ongoing support after our 12-week pilot program is over.

Join Us Now

So, now, it is decision time.

I have given you many great insights on how charisma works. You can study this letter… the stories I’ve shared and the studies I’ve cited can all dramatically increase your charisma.

But, if you are serious about increasing your influence and changing the world – especially your world – then your best option is to join me on this journey.

I will never offer this program at this rate again.

Today is your opportunity. Now is your moment to change your life.

You will change your life by discovering the secret spark that ignites all great success stories… and you’ll learn how to master it to use in your own fantastic success story.

This is for serious players only.

If that is you… then apply now.

I look forward to helping you achieve your best life ever.
All the Best,


P.S.  A number of people have asked me some additional questions about the program. Here are my answers…

Q: What if I can’t attend all the live weekly calls?

A: All sessions will be recorded and available for you to access within 48 hours of the training. Additionally, you will find transcripts, audio files, and, when appropriate, additional resources in the member’s area. You will miss nothing.

Q: When and where is the live meeting?

A: It will be held the last week of January 2019 at a location in Kansas City. You will fly into Kansas City International airport. No, KC is not a resort destination, and the weather can be miserable in January. But, you are not coming for the vacation experience. I want you inside – where it will be warm and dry – working hard with me.

Q: What if I can’t make the live event?

A: The session will be recorded, but we will not have a live streaming of this event. Most of it will be hands on and require live face-to-face interaction. You have the option, for an additional fee, to book a private one-day training session with me if you can’t make the live event. For details email

Q: Is there a guarantee on this?

A: No. Most of my clients see a 2x – or more – increase in their measurable outcomes. However, this is not a simple “how to” program. At this level, my clients know that success is up to them and feel belittled when people suggest that a program, pill, potion, or lotion can “guarantee” success. Life is risky business, but for those that press forward, the rewards are massive. As I’ve said, this is for serious players only.

Q: When do I begin?

A: The exact start date depends on when you have your first discovery call with me. Training videos will be released every Monday and Thursday.  

Q: What can I expect from this program?

A: You will get two videos each week. Each video will give you a “Quick Win” action – something that you can do immediately to gain more charisma and influence. It will also take you into the science and psychology of why that works. Remember, you can’t just go through the motions. This will appear fake. You need to create the real emotion and subconscious signals to have real charisma. Think about the difference between a great actor and a bad one.

The bottom line is this…

Far too many people are going through the motions in life. They are checking off all the right boxes, but not getting the results they want.

The reason is that there is a difference between a kiss and a KISS.

I will teach you how to command the signals you’re sending out so that you can get maximum impact and maximum results out of the skills you already have and efforts you’re already making.

If you’re ready to ignite the fuel in your rocket ship, let’s go!

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