Speaking for Influence 2-Day Intensive

It’s not really 2 days.

Actually, it’s more like 4 weeks of intense training… but we do 2 days live and in person together.

Each event is limited to 6 people.

Joshua and his team will work with you before, during, and after the event to help you boost your speaking for influence powers.

You will join Joshua in Kansas City, MO for two days of intense speaker training.

The Speaking for Influence Intensive has two very simple outcomes:

First, you will experience and internalize a systematic 5-Step process for creating influential performances. You will use this for the rest of your life, in 1-1 settings and group settings.

If you need to speak for influence, you will have the tools to nail it.

Second, you will have a complete, powerful, and influential presentation ready to go for your next event.

Before the Event You Will…
  • Create a Story Reserve – Stories are at the center of Influence. We remember stories. We build societies on stories. We live for experiences that will be good stories. So, we’ll help you identify and store up the great stories of your life.
  • Identify Your Strengths – This is not just about slapping a cookie-cutter speaking template on your forehead and sending you off to speak. We make it personal. Your unique strengths will be turbo-charged in this process to help you gain influence.
  • Watch and Listen to Yourself – If you don’t like the sights and sounds of yourself than do you really think others will want to listen, learn and be led by you? Not likely! Before you come, you will record yourself and self-analyze based on our criteria. You are giving yourself a gift here of creating a benchmark so you can see quantifiable personal growth and improvement.
  • Define Your Outcome Leadership – Why are you speaking? What cause are you fighting for? Who are you serving? Where are you leading people? We will help you gain great clarity on your outcomes.
  • Outline – Based your objectives and the stage you’re speaking on (ie 1-1, small audience, big audience, etc…), we will guide you through creating a presentation outline before you come.
  • Rapid Rehearsal Secrets – Joshua will train you on rapid, deep learning techniques to speed up rehearsal and mastery time. You will be using systems developed by some of the world’s best performers and performance coaches.
When You Get Here…

Day One:

  • Physical Forces – Your physical body is your communication device. We begin with training your voice, your eyes, your hands, your feet and your body core to influence your audience. This is not about choreography or mechanical, memorized motions. This is about authentic integration of your whole soul.
  • Take the Stage Part 1 – You will stand and deliver a 3 minute talk… that will take you 15-45 minutes. We use a deep-learning system that allows you to rapidly master small things to create great things. We’ll record it. We’ll analyze it – with a focus on physicality. You’ll likely love it and hate it… but you will grow from it.
  • Storytelling – Drawing from your Story Reserve, we will fine tune your story focus and structure based on your Personal Strengths, your Leadership Outcomes, your Audience. You will write and rehearse and rewrite during this segment of the day.
  • Take the Stage Part 2 – Another intense, deep-learning, on-your-feet-speaking session. This time we focus on your story. Again, we record, review, analyze, and improve.

At the end of Day One, you are invited to join Joshua and his family for dinner in their home. While, on the one hand, this has little to do with speaker training, on the other hand it is totally relevant.

Past clients and students have raved that this is their favorite part of the experience.


Come and see! Joshua, his wife Margie, and their eleven children, have a unique and wonderful experience planned for you.

Day Two:

Structure and Flow – Like with a great dish of food, the magic is in the ingredient list and in how it is prepared. Steak and Lobster pureed in a blender just isn’t the same. We focus on taking your core speech and refining both the ingredients and the way you present it.

  • Take the Stage Part 3 – You will present up to 10 minutes of your speech. Depending on how long it is, you will do your entire presentation or we will focus in on one specific area.
  • Visuals – Finally, we spend time addressing all the visual aspects of your presentation. Dress, stage, colors, slides, and other visual effects. Your book will be judged by its cover. Your image and images will enhance or distract. We’ll make sure everything is perfect for maximum influence.
  • Take the Stage: The Grand Finale – Your final performance in our time together. We will take some time to compare your initial recording and your Grand Finale. You’ll be astonished at the transformation.

VIP Treatment

During both days, you will be fed excellent, organic, healthful food specifically selected to help you feel vibrant, focused and alive.

A professional video and camera crew will be on hand to capture everything. You will get a copy of all your videos and photos to use as you please.

The Venues

Most of our time will be spent in a private boardroom.

Our final work will be done in a large auditorium – giving you the full experience of working on a stage with full sound, lighting, backdrop and other effects.

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