For my brother Ben…

Joshua Boswell here. 

I created The Speaker’s Art because of my brother Ben.

When I was 11 years old, my daddy left our family. I didn’t see him for almost 10 years.

 In that void, my older brother Ben stepped into my life. Ben was super popular, captain of the football team and loved by the cutest girls in school.

 When he was a senior and I was a little sophomore, he invited me to all the parties and beat up anyone that bugged me. He was my best friend. My father-figure. My hero.

 Ben was the most persuasive human being I ever met. I remember one day a girl from school drove up in her dad’s brand new v12 BMW 850i. Ben was 15 at the time. No driver’s license.

 I’m not sure how it happened, but within about 5 minutes, he’d convinced her to hand over the key. A few minutes later he and I were driving down a little country road, alone, doing 120mph.

 When we got back, she thanked him for letting her let him take it. (Mixed up, right?!)

 That was my brother.

 Later, when he was 19 he went to Germany as a missionary. He inspired hundreds of people and blessed thousands of lives. His ability to influence was legendary.

 In 1999, I was 26 yrs old, living in Kirkland, WA. The phone rang early Sunday morning. It was my sister, Ruth.

 “He’s gone, Joshua. Ben is dead!”

 Ben died in a freak drowning accident. All of his potential, all of his power, all of his untapped influence was lost. What good could he have done in our world? We’ll never know.

 As I look around, I see executives, entrepreneurs and politicians walking around with great ideas for change, great position to create success, great power to bless lives… and yet their influence is largely untapped.

 They have the right ideas, but don’t have the power to persuasively express those ideas. Their influence is being snuffed out by a simple lack of understanding what I call The Speaker’s Art.

 My mission is to change that. I want to give you the power to influence others… and thus the power to fulfill your mission for good – whatever that is.

 Let your voice be heard.

Speak to influence and let your influence change the world.

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