Private 1-1 Coaching

Well done! You clearly only want the best, most effective solution for gaining more influence.

Joshua will work with you 1-1. Joshua has spent more than 25 years learning from and working with master presenters, psychologists, marketers, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Your time is valuable. So we ruthlessly cut out all the fluff and get focused on the most effective way to achieve your speaking objectives.

Your coaching will be custom tailored, implementing our unique 5 Stages of Speaking for Influence.

Stage One: Existing Assets

Using a set of simple assessments and questions, Joshua will help you clearly see your existing skills, resources, and experience… including inner-game blocks that can hold you back on and off stage.

We identify your high performance states, blindspots, and create a schedule that gives you time to master your new skills.

Stage Two: Creation

We address every key element of building a speech that creates influence.

First we work making your next presentation a masterpiece.

From there, we build a reserve of influential speaking tools that you can use in 1-1 settings, small group training with other leaders, presentations to new audiences, and internal speeches.

Depending on your needs, we focus on some or all of these areas:

  • Outcome Leadership – The focus is on outcomes. What will your audience feel, think, and do differently because you opened your mouth?
  • Storytelling – Great stories become stored emotional memory – the only stuff that creates lasting action.
  • Trust Factors – Harness the latest psychology behind creating instant and lasting trust.
  • 95/5 High Influence Filters – In the end, only one idea really matters in creating influence. Discover that idea and eliminate everything else.
  • Structure and Rhythm of Influence – You can’t get a cake by baking the flour and then adding the eggs. There is a structure, an order, a rhythm to influence.
  • Physicality and Energy – Use your body and soul to capture and command attention. They won’t be able to look away.
  • Audience Engagement, Entertainment and Commitment – Influence creates results and demands action. Inspire your audience to willingly move, act, and produce.
  • Visuals – Will what they see – you, your clothes, your stage, your slides – influence them or distract them?
Stage Three: Authentic Mastery

The great secret to speaking for influence is being authentic.

It is more than just coming up with some good ideas. It is more than carefully crafted choreography of hands and feet. It is more than memorizing your lines and pausing for applause at the right times.

It is full integration of message and soul.

Using deep learning strategies, analyzing recordings, and a unique peer review process, we’ll help you quickly gain authentic mastery.

Stage Four: Perform and Influence

During this stage, we bring it all together for a full performance.

We are obsessed with excellence and demand the best you can give. As you perform, we will fine-tune and strengthen each part of your performance.

We will continue to deepen your authentic voice and stretch your ability to connect with, inspire, and influence your audience.

Stage Five: Before and After

Did you know that as much as 80% of your influence on stage begins before you take the stage?

And, the long-term impact of your influence is determined by what you do after you step off the stage.

Using an exclusive pre-suasion tactic called Salt the Oats, we develop a strategy to win trust and gain influence long before you speak. This process will give you greater impact in your day to day operations.

Then, we implement a system called The Endless Influence Matrix. This system harnesses the goodwill and influence of your presentations and turns them into long-term results.


Serious Players Only

Joshua and the team work with a limited number of private coaching clients each year.

This is a minimum of a one year program.

Participation in the program is by application and invitation only. To be considered for this program, click the button below, fill out the application, submit the requested letter of recommendations.

We will review the application. We will contact you within two business days and let you know if Joshua has agreed to meet with you. If so, you will book a 30 minute video chat with Joshua and he will let you know if you are accepted into the program at the end of that call.

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