Meet Joshua T. Boswell –

(and his amazing wife, Margie, and their 11 children.). Here’s how it began…
Daddy, Husband, Marketing Pro, Writer, Speaker

Chapter 1

Pain Etches My Soul

When I was 10, we lived in Alpine, Utah. I barely knew my dad, Richard. He always seemed to be gone.

That spring, a crazy drunk guy smashes into Dad while he’s on his motorcycle. Dad dies that night… but God and defib paddles save most of him… he loses his left leg.

He spends months in bed healing and somebody has to clean his wounds every day. I volunteer because while I peel off rotting flesh, he and I talk—you know, we talk about God, girls, and people he shot as a border patrol agent. I loved it! Best time I ever spent with my Dad.

Then Mom decides to divorce him and kick him out. That day, I watch my Dad walk away… I don’t see my Dad again for 10 years.

Chapter 2

A Vision & Reality of a Better Life

When I’m 20, my buddy Ryan asks me, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

I look at him. “I’m gonna be a daddy! I’m gonna find an amazing girl to marry and have a huge family! I’ll work from home, make a ton of money and spend an insane amount of time with them everyday.”

On April 27, 1995, In the Salt Lake Temple I married my dream girl, Margie Andersen.

Today, Margie and I are the very proud parents of Esther (21yrs), Joshua (20yrs), Jared (18yrs), Hyrum (17yrs), Isaac (16yrs) , Brigham (14yrs), Mary (12yrs), Sariah (10yrs), Miriam (9yrs), Enoch (6yrs) and Eve (4yrs).

Yep—that’s 11 children. I do work from home. We spend all day together as a family and I am the happiest daddy on the planet.

Chapter 3

Making Success Happen

But, it wasn’t always like this.

It’s 2005 and I’m $200,000 in debt, struggling to figure out business, fighting to find a way to stay home, run a successful company, and make a massive income.

Fate (and a crazy amount of hard work) hands me an opportunity to do some marketing writing for a PR firm out of Washington D.C.

Since then, Sony, Google, Corel, Verizon, Toshiba, and hundreds of other companies used my firm’s marketing services to launch some of their mission-critical marketing campaigns.

Chapter 4

3 Secrets of Influence

Being deep inside the most successful companies in the world connected me with top executives and influences. I discovered 3 critical insights into influence:

#1 – Influence is about service. When we focus on ourselves, our purposes and positions, we create walls and conflict. When we focus on others, their hopes, needs, purposes, we create unity, growth, and success for everyone involved. 

#2 – Influence is about trust. When people trust you, they believe in you, your leadership and your vision. They know that following you will bring them closer to their goals and meet their needs. 

#3 – Influence is about packaging. Great content and big ideas is vital, but not enough. Presentation, showmanship, style matter a great deal. These are the delivery systems and if you get this wrong, you message will never hit home. 

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Reach Your Full Influence

I’m passionate about helping leaders realize their maximum influence .

When I was 26, I received a call that my older brother Ben – my hero, my mentor, my father figure… had died in freak drowning accident. 

Ben was one of the most influential people I ever knew. But, in an instant all his potential greatness was snuffed out. Life is short and holds no guarantees. As a leader, make this your day. Bring your full influence for good to the world. 

Full influence is impossible without world-class communication. It’s a story well-told. And idea that ignites the imagination. A presentation that moves people to action and changes everything. 

That is what I do… I help executives reach maximum influence. 

The Team

Like with most things in Joshua’s life, The Speaker’s Art is a family affair.

Margie Boswell

The Boss

The real owner and boss of the company is Margie, Joshua’s dear wife, best friend, and ultimate inspiration. No words can express how much Margie is loved, revered and respected.

You won’t see her name much around here, but make no mistake, she’s the real reason for our success… and consequently, the success of so many of our clients.

You might consider sending her some chocolates as a special thanks! ?

Bridgett Harder

Executive Assistant

Bridgett is a mother of 2, lover of exercise, gardening and traveling. She counts herself lucky to be on the amazing Boswell team.

For many years, she worked in Product Development and Marketing Communications for a leading wholesale gift and home décor company. It was an exciting time and Bridgett’s time there helped further develop her skills.

The next chapter of her career was actually taking a break from it! She made the uber important decision to stay at home with her small children. So, for 6 years, she was a full-time nurturer of their growth and loved every minute of it. Children truly are the anchors of a mother’s life.

As the kids approached school age, she decided in 2016 that she was ready to rejoin the workforce. She met Joshua through a fantastic “great assistant” program created by Tim Francis of The Profit Factory. They hit it off immediately and she was hired on the spot to become his virtual Executive Assistant.

Bridgett gets to manage not just Joshua and his various projects, but she also gets to learn right alongside him and utilize her marketing background. There’s never a dull moment!

As for her formal qualifications, Bridgett graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in International Business and Marketing. She speaks Spanish proficiently and her strengths lie in organization, execution and project management. Her Kolbe ‘A’ Index score reflects these skills, with a score of 8723.

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